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After or four decades of entrepreneurship, it can be said that it definitely elevates the extended  family and not just the closest family members.

These are the first words of a celebratory book that tells the 40-year-old story of Marja Mäenpää and her mother’s entrepreneurial journey (Aki Hietala, 2018). The life cycle of family owned businesses in Finland is rarely as stable and prosperous and as the one of Sipinen Catering Services. Therefore, it felt only natural for us to take the next step and use all the knowledge gathered throughout the decades to create something new.

Coffee shop and Restaurant Vesilinna is now heading to a new direction with the help of its new owners Marja Mäenpää, Petri Mäenpää and Tarja Lindqvist. Marja is taking the lead in our new company, Sipinen Restaurant Services Oy, with the help of Petri and Tarja hence creating a fresh addition to Jyväskylä restaurant scene. This new chapter was made possible by the courage and determination of Raija Sipinen, who was the original entrepreneur of the family. She has always inspired her family members to grow and blossom.

With this new adventure it can be said that our family is truly extending as the original Catering service staff is now joined by their new colleagues in Vesilinna Restaurant. We are joyous and excited about all that is to come!

We wish you all warmly welcome and hope to see you soon!

With love,

Marja, Petri & Tarja

Our personnel

Etunimi Sukunimi

Etunimi Sukunimi

Etunimi Sukunimi

Café and Restaurant Vesilinna

Our mission is to create a warm atmosphere for our customers for them to be able to enjoy their visit with all their senses. We wish to create long-lasting memories and unforgettable moments for our clients by sharing our love for cooking and our passion for catering.

Our vision is that everyone, whether they are living in Jyväskylä or just exploring the city for a while, can experience the wonderful scenery and the historical landmark called Vesilinna. There is no better way to do this than by enjoying our delicious products and top scale service.

In our company’s values you can see

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. We think that beauty should be seen inside and outside.

Authenticity that shows in our smile as we encounter our clients with a service-minded approach. We are all ears and eager to hear feedback from both or customers and from each other. Our aim is to succeed in creating a perfect customer experience every single time.

Respect and recognition as we truly listen and value all our customers and business partners. We also make it our priority that each staff member respects and values each other as equals. Everyone’s input is needed to create a warm experience and a functional whole.

Trust and honesty as we have faith in each other and give everyone an opportunity to succeed. We are all for continuous and open dialogue to smoothly resolve matters, big or small.



The panoramic Restaurant Vesilinna (water castle) is a beauty from the 50’s. It is situated at Harju ridge and it was built on top of the water tank at the tower’s second floor. Its exceptional location is unique and it offers the facilities such as free parking and unobstructed passage to all its spaces.

The building revolves by a sunny terrace that can be used weather permitting. At summer-time there are c. 100 seats available and you are welcome to admire the view with great food and drink. Inside the restaurant the amount of seats vary from 100-140 depending on table arrangements. For cocktail parties as  many as 200 person can be admitted.

A dance floor awaits by the bar after the buffet has been removed.

You are welsome to visit the Natural History Museum of Central Finland at the street level and the Vesilinna observation tower – both entrances are free of charge.

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